Nature Sounds Alarm Clock v1.1

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REQUIRED: 2.1+  SIZE: 2.8M  PRICE: $1.94

The alarm that you set with your finger!
Wake up gently to the pleasant sounds of morning birds, ocean waves, farm animals, a Tibetan bell, etc. These sounds are never exactly the same, but created on the fly as a varying combination of multiple sounds.
We worked hard to make the Nature Sounds Alarm Clock really simple to use. No scrolling through endless option lists -- just set the alarm and enjoy the beautiful simplicity of this alarm clock.
Its soft alarm function lets you start gently into the day.
You can use the Quiet at Night function to mute the phone during the night.
Since alarm-type apps do not work from the SD card, move-to-SD cannot be enabled for this app. So we shrinked the size as much as possible, and despite the many picture and sound files inside, it is less than 3MB. We hope you appreciate!
Works on phones and tablets from Android 2.1 to 4.0 and beyond.
Should there be any problems, please send an email describing the device and the problem encountered. If we can reproduce the problem, there is a good chance we can fix it. Thanks!

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